Daniel Massey (1933 - 1998)


Daniel Massey (centre, upside down) in The Vault of Horror.

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Vault of Horror (Tales from the Crypt part II) (1973) [Rogers]: Stabbed in the throat (off-screen) with a spigot by a group of vampires, then hung upside down to provide "blood on tap" for the vampire restaurant. (He appears as a spirit unaware of his death, stranded in limbo)
  • The Vacillations of Poppy Crew (1995) [Mr. Carew]: Dies in hospital. (I can't recall the exact cause) with his daughter (Tara Fitzgerald) by his bedside.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Stalin (1992 TV) [Leon Trotsky]: Hit on the head with a pickaxe by an assassin. (My memory of the movie is vague, but I believe the assassination of the movie occurred off-screen; I can't even recall whether Trotsky's death was mentioned at all, but it did occur during the timeframe covered by the movie).

Notable Connections Edit

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