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Daniel Kash appearing in Aliens

Daniel Kash (1959 - )

Deaths in Film:Edit

  • Aliens (1986) [Pvt. Spunkmeyer]: Is either killed by one of the alien xenomorphs, or dies when the aliens cause the drop ship he’s on to crash; his body is later seen in the wreckage.
  • Bone Daddy (1998) [Rocky]: Dies when R.H. Thomson rips several bones out of his body, his body is later seen when Barbara Williams trips over him in her garden.
  • The Tuxedo (2002) [Rogers]: Killed by one of Ritchie Coster’s cohorts.
  • Breakout (2013) [Chuck]: Accidentally strangled to death with one hand by Ethan Suplee, as Ethan is trying to keep Daniel from attacking him.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Killing Moon (2000 TV) [Lt. David Thatcher]: Presumably dies of the exotic virus (I’m not sure for certain).

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