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Dale Van Sickel in Storm Warning

Dale Van Sickel (1907 - 1977)

(Note: As a professional stunt performer, Dale probably "died" in place of other actors, though I don't know any specific examples. Additionally, he probably died in several more of his generic "Thug" and "Henchman" bit parts, though the below films are the only ones I know definitely.)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Mr. and Mrs. North (1942) [Corpse of Stanley Brent]: Killed (off-screen) by Stuart Crawford; his body is shown afterwards when Gracie Allen opens the closet door and Dale falls out.
  • G-Men vs. The Black Dragon [Ch. 3, Arsenal of Doom] (1943) [Pier Thug]: Stabbed in the back when shoved against the spiked end of a fire axe that was lodged in a beam during a fight with Roland Got.
  • Haunted Harbor [Ch. 12, Fire Trap] (1944) [Gold Theft Thug]: Fatally shot in the back by Bud Geary as Bud was trying to kill Kane Richmond.
  • Secret Agent X-9 [Ch. 4, Floodlight Murder] (1945) [Truck Driver]: Killed when he jumps from a speeding delivery truck during a fight with Lloyd Bridges. His body is not shown but we learn of his death when Keye Luke informs Lloyd.
  • He Ran All the Way (1951) [Officer Newcomb]: Shot in the chest in a shootout with John Garfield: he dies of his wound offscreen and his death is reported in a newspaper headline.
  • Storm Warning (1951) [Walter Adams]: Beaten to death by Steve Cochran during a lynching.
  • Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) [Man Crushed Beneath Wall]: Crushed to death by falling rubble during the alien invasion.
  • Thunder Road (1958) [Mike Williams, Treasury Agent]: Killed in a car crash/explosion, along with Mitch Ryan.
  • Cyborg 2087 (1966) [Tracer #1]: Killed in a struggle with Michael Rennie; his body later vanishes when the timeline is altered. (Thanks to Dignan)
  • Johnny Reno (1966) [Ab Conners]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Dana Andrews.
  • Murderer's Row (1966) [Fortress Guard]: Shot in the chest by Dean Martin using his '10 second delay' gun. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths:[]