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his animated Sitka character just before death in Brother Bear.

D.B. Sweeney (1961 - )

Film deaths[]

  • Gardens of Stone (1987) [Spec./Sgt/2Lt. Jackie Willow]: Killed in action (off-screen) while on duty with the "Old Guard" at Fort Myer. We learn of his death when James Caan received the news.
  • Blue Desert (Silent Victim) (1991) [Steve]: Shot by Courteney Cox because she found out he's a not a good policeman, but a sexual harrassing criminal.
  • Brother Bear (2003; animated) [Sitka]: Falls to his death with a bear by stabbing the icy platform to defend his brothers (Joaquin Phoenix and Jason Raize). His spirit then appears as an eagle through the movie.
  • Extraction (2015) [Ken Robertson]: Fatally wounded in a vehicle collision by Kellan Lutz in retaliation for killing Bruce Willis.

Television deaths[]