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Cuba Gooding Jr. in The Tuskegee Airman

Cuba Gooding Jr. (1968 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Pearl Harbor (2001) [Dorie Miller]: Killed (off-screen) when his ship is sunken down by the Japanese. (The real-life death of Dorie Miller is neither seen, nor referenced in the film, however the final scene clearly takes place some years after his death.)
  • Dirty (2005) [Salim Adel]: Shot in the back of the head with a shotgun by one of Robert LaSardo’s cohorts (Taboo, Cesar Garcia, Frank Alvarez, Robert 'Lil Rob' Flores, or Edward Meza) as he is sitting in a car having encountered Clifton Collins Jr.’s ghost (his body is later seen as Clifton observes the hit squad drive away)
  • The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (2007; animated) [Loofah]: Falls from a log into an abyss in a dream dreamt by Cody Arens/Logan Arens. He survives the movie in reality.
  • Wrong Turn at Tahoe (2009) [Joshua]: Possibly mortally wounded when he's shot in the stomach in a shoot-out with Leonor Varela; the movie ends with Cuba holding a gun to Miguel Ferrer's head as Miguel is driving Cuba to the hospital. Although their fates are unconfirmed, Cuba's dialogue implies that he intends to kill Miguel even if it means his own death.
  • The Hit List (2011) [Jonas Arbor]: Shot to death by Cole Hauser. His body is later shown on a stretcher in a body bag.
  • Summoned (2013) [Detective John Callendar]: Strangled to death (off-screen) by Tim Abell. His hanging body is later seen when Bailey Chase discovers him.
  • Machete Kills (2013) [El Camaleon 2]: Shot to death by Billy Blair. He plays one of the forms of a shapeshifter while Walton Goggins, Lady Gaga and Antonio Banderas play the other forms, so while Antonio is the only one who gets shot, Cuba's character still dies.

Television Deaths[]


Notable Connections[]

  • Son of Cuba Gooding (lead singer of The Main Ingredient)
  • Brother of Omar Gooding and April Gooding
  • Ex-Mr. Sara Kapfer
  • Father of Mason Gooding