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Craig Sheffer in Bloodknot (1995)

Craig Sheffer (1960 - )

Film Deaths []

  • Nightbreed (1990) [Aaron Boone/Cabal]: Shot to death by police after David Cronenberg falsely shouts that Craig has a gun; he is later brought back to life by the Nightbreed. 
  • Merlin: The Return (2000) [Mordred]: Impaled in the chest/stomach on Excalibur when Patrick Bergin hurls/throws it at him (he then spontaneously combusts).
  • Beserker: Hell's Warrior (2004) [Boar]: (1) Set on fire by his father (Patrick Bergin) when they launch flaming arrows at him. (2) Re-born again, he is decapitated by his brother (Paul Johansson) at the end of a sword fight. The film ends with his character reborn again as a baby under Kari Wuhrer's curse.
  • While She Was Out (2008) [Kenneth]: Shot in the head (off-screen) by his wife (Kim Basinger) in their living room. We see Kim raise the gun before the film cuts to black and we hear the shot.

TV Deaths[]

  • Bloodknot (1995 TV) [Mike]: Hits his head on a rock during a struggle with Kate Vernon in the woods.