Craig Conway in "The Tournament"

Craig Conway (1975 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Dog Soldiers (2002) [Camper]: Mauled to death (off-screen) by the werewolves in his tent.
  • The Descent (2005) [Crawler Scar]: Killed by Shauna MacDonald in the cave. (Craig's face was hidden by mutant make-up for this role).
  • Doomsday (2008) [Sol]: Decapitated when Rhona Mitra drives her car through a bus while Craig is on the roof of the car; His severed head is shown flying towards the camera after the impact. His head is shown again later when Phona presents it to the other Marauders.
  • The Tournament (2009) [Steve Tomko]: Shot in the head by Kelly Hu at the end of a fight in her hotel room.
  • Airborne (2012) [Luke John]: Dies when the airplane crashes into the water.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Hogfather (2006; TV movie) [Chickenwire]: Killed (off-screen) after being sucked into a magical wardrobe (the manifestation of his childhood fears), as Sinead Matthews and Rhodri Meilir look on in horror. Because Death cannot enter the Tooth Fairy's castle, Craig's body disappears and rematerializes in the outside world; his body is shown afterwards when the wizards at the Unseen University open their own wardrobe door and discover him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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