Courteney Cox in The Tripper

Courteney Cox (1964 - )

a.k.a. Courteney Cox Arquette (between marriage and divorce)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • November (2004) [Sophie Jacobs]: Shot in the stomach by Matthew Carey during a convenience-store robbery. The movie initially depicts Courteney as being outside the store during the robbery while James LeGros is shot, but it's eventually revealed that she was indeed shot and that most of the movie has been taking place in her own mind as she dies. (Thanks to Superid)
  • The Tripper (2006) [Dog Lover Hippie]: Bitten on the throat and mauled to death by Christopher Allen Nelson's dogs, just after she pleads with the police not to harm the dogs. (Thanks to Cody)

TV Deaths:Edit

  • None

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