Corey Stoll in House of Cards: Chapter 11

Corey Stoll (1976 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Push (2009) [Agent Mack]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth, after Djimon Hounsou uses his psychic powers to convince him that the gun isn't loaded.
  • Salt (2010) [Shnaider]: Commits suicide by blowing himself up when he detonates his explosive vest, while Angelina Jolie looks on in shock.
  • Ant-Man (2015) [Darren Cross a.k.a. Yellowjacket] Body contorts and crushes itself as he shrinks to nothingness after Paul Rudd shrinks into his suit and causes it to malfunction by destroying the wiring before shattering the containers storing the Pym Particles, exposing Corey to them.

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

Mr. Nadia Bowers

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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