Conor Leslie (with Joel de la Fuente) in The Man in the High Castle: The New World

Conor Leslie (1991 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Campus Code (Campus Life) (2015) [Greta]: Portraying a video game avatar of Shikha Jaim, she disintegrates after being deleted by the game's programming. (Shikha, Conor's real world counterpart, survives the film.)

Television Deaths Edit

  • The Man in the High Castle: The New World (2015) [Trudy]: Shot in the back (off-screen) by Joel de la Fuente's men; her body is shown when her half-sister (Alexa Davalos) sees her. Her body later appears again in a mass grave in the episode Truth and in pictures and during flashbacks in the episode Imagine Manchuria. She is later revealed to still be alive in another timeline in the episode Fallout.

Gallery Edit

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