Compartiment tueurs

aka: The Sleeping Car murder

DIrector: Costa-Gavras


Male Deaths:

Michel Piccoli. shot to death by Claude Mann in a public bathroom while drinking water

Claude Mann. shot by himself to death at the River bank of the Seine

Female Death:

Pascale Roberts. Strangled by Claude Mann  in a sleeping car

Simone Signoret. shot to death
Compartiment piccoli01

Michel Piccoli shot to death in "Compartiment tueurs"

Compartiment signoret01

Simone Signoret shot to death in "COmpartiment tueurs"

by Claude Mann
Compartiment claude mann01

Claude Mann kills himself in "Compartiment tueurs"

Compartiment pascale roberts

Pascale Roberts strangled to death in "Compartiment tueurs"

in an Elevator
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