Cody Renee Cameron (19?? - ) 
Cody Renee - The Obsidian Curse

Cody Renee Cameron's death in The Obsidian Curse

Film Deaths

  • The Obsidian Curse (2016) [Yvonne]: Slashed across her stomach off-screen with a stained meat cleaver and her intestines pulled out by Reggie Bannister as her hands were tied. (Nudity Alert: Shirt torn apart to reveal her breasts)
  • The Neon Demon (2016) [Embalmed Female Corpse]: Died under undisclosed circumstances earlier in the movie. (Nudity Alert: Full frontal)
  • #Captured (2017) [Nicolle]: Stabbed several times in her stomach with a knife by Sam Cain during her live webcam nude streaming session. Her body was seen again in a bodybag before her burial on a deserted field.(Nudity Alert: Topless during livestreaming)
  • Girls Guns and Blood (2019) [Angel]: Neck snapped by the killer.
  • Handy Dandy (2019) [Abby]: Face melted after had gradually exposed to a toxic gas in a chamber while being tied to a chair. (Nudity Alert: Both breasts exposed out of her shirt during the torture scenes)


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