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Clownhouse (1989)

Director: Victor Salva

  • Noted for being the film debut of Sam Rockwell
  • In 1988, director Victor Salva was charged with the sexual abuse of Nathan Forrest Winters, the lead actor who played Casey, during production. Salva served 15 months of a 3-year-prison term, and was released on parole. Winters came forward again in 1995, when Salva's film Powder was released.[

Male Deaths[]

  • Frank Diamanti [Real Bippo]
  • Timothy Enos [Real Cheezo]
  • David C. Reinecker [Lunatic Dippo]
  • Sam Rockwell [Randy]
  • Karl Heinz Teuber [Real Dippo]
  • Tree [Lunatic Cheezo]
  • Bryan Weible [Lunatic Bippo]