Claudio's death

Cliff Curtis in Collateral Damage

Cliff Curtis (1968 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Deep Rising (1998) [Mamooli]: Devoured/drained of fluids off-screen by one of the giant Ottoia after being dragged in-between a pair of vertical metal pipes.
  • Six Days Seven Nights (1998) [Kip]: Presumably dies in an explosion when a shell they fired falls back onto their ship (as they’re trying to shoot down Harrison Ford’s plane). (I’m not sure if this contributes to a death scene or not but I’ll add it just in case.)
  • Virus (1999) [Hiko]: Drowned when swept off a boat’s side by a tidal wave. His badly mutilated body is later seen in a dream sequence had by Jamie Lee Curtis. (See also Jeff Cadiente's role in the film.)
  • Blow (2001) [Pablo Escobar]:
  • The Majestic (2001) [The Evil but Handsome Prince Khalid]: Run through the stomach/gut at the end of a sword duel by Bruce Campbell (in a matinee film-within-the-film).
  • Colombiana (2011) [Emilio Restrepo]: Tortured to death, along with his mother and Angel Garnica (off-screen) by Jordi Mollà or his hit squad. His body is later seen bound to a chair when his niece (Zoe Saldana) discovers him.
  • Risen (2016) [Jesus/Yeshua]: Crucified and stabbed in the stomach with a spear by a Roman officer.
  • Doctor Sleep (2019) [Billy Freeman]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head while under mind control by Emily Alyn Lind.

Television DeathsEdit

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