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Clea DuVall in Ghosts of Mars

Clea DuVall (1977 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Little Witches (1996) [Kelsey]: Impaled through the back by a demon's horn seen exiting her bare stomach.
  • The Astronaut's Wife (1999) [Nan]: Killed (off-screen) by Johnny Depp.
  • Ghosts of Mars (2001) [Bashira Kincaid]: Decapitated when one of the possessed colonists throws a razor-sharp disc at her during the big battle.
  • Identity (2003) [Ginny]: Killed in an explosion when her car blows up; we hear the explosion from off-screen, then see the wreckage when John Cusack and Ray Liotta run to the scene.
  • The Grudge (2004) [Jennifer Williams]: Life-force sucked out by Takako Fuji's ghost in her bedroom; her shriveled/mummified body is shown afterwards (along with William Mapother's) in the attic.
  • Anamorph (2007) [Sandy Strickland]: Blood drained (off-screen) by the killer (presumably Don Harvey); her body is shown afterwards when Willem Dafoe wakes up next to her.
  • Passengers (2008) [Shannon]: Killed in a plane crash along with everyone on board (seen in flashback as Anne Hathaway recalls what happened). Initially it appears she survived the crash, but it's later revealed she in fact died and has been a ghost all this time. With her crossing over into the after life aided by her parents (Brad Turner and Claire Smithies).
  • The Killing Room (2009) [Kerry Isalano]: Shot in the head by Peter Stormare.

Television Deaths[]



Not related to Robert Duvall and Shelley Duvall.