Claudia Karvan (1972 -)


Claudia Karvan in The Lost World: Time After Time.

Film Death:Edit

  • Long Weekend (Nature's Grave) (2008) [Carla]: After reaching the breaking point of what she could take from her husband (Jim Caviezel) and the agonizing stay in the wilderness, Claudia commits suicide by stabbing herself in the throat (off-screen) with a speargun projectile when she fails to be able to drive out of the forest. Her body is shown later when Jim finds her.

Television Deaths: Edit

  • The Lost World: Time After Time (2000) [Catherine Reilly]: Shot in the back by Simon Bossell; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Rachel Blakely and William Snow. Her body vanishes after William destroys the key to the passage to the outside world, thus preventing her from ever being born in the future. (Thanks to Asdrubal)
  • Farscape: Liars, Guns & Money Part 3: Plan B (2001) [Natira]: Presumably killed in the destruction/collapse of the building when Lani Tapu blows up the shadow depository. When we last see her she’s trying to run away from the battle, so it’s possible that she might have escaped; however since the character never returned in any subsequent episodes, we might as well assume she died. (Claudia was under heavy alien make-up for this role).
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