Claude Rains in 'The Invisible Man' (1933)

Claude Rains (1889 - 1967)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Invisible Man (1933) [Jack Griffin]: Shot by Dudley Digges while Claude is fleeing from a barn (while invisible); he dies in the hospital shortly afterwards while talking to Gloria Stuart. His body becomes visible after his death. See Famous Last Words.
  • Scrooge (1935) [Marley]: Dies seven years before the story begins of natural causes. He appears a a ghost to Seymore Hicks to deliver a warning to him on Christmas Eve night.
  • Kings Row (1942) [Dr. Alexander Tower]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself, after killing his daughter (Betty Field); we learn of his death afterwards when Ronald Reagan informs Robert Cummings. (Thanks to Mark)
  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) [Sir John Talbot]: Claude didn't appear in this film; but his absence was explained by revealing that his character from the original 1941 The Wolf Man died of grief shortly after the death of his son (Lon Chaney Jr.)
  • Phantom of the Opera (1943) [Erique Claudin, the Phantom]: Crushed to death in a cave-in at his secret lair. (See also Lon Chaney in the 1925 version.)(Note: He was set to returned in The Climax (1944) which was originally gone to be a sequel, but was changed into a different story.) (Thanks to Tony)
  • Deception (1946) [Alexander Hollenius]: Shot to death by Bette Davis. (Thanks to Tracey)
  • Where Danger Lives (1950) [Frederick Lannington]: Smothered with a pillow (off-screen) by Faith Domergue, while he's laying unconcious. The details of his death are revealed later on.
  • Sealed Cargo (1951) [Captain Skalder]: Held at gunpoint in his cabin by Eric Feldary, he pulls a gun from a draw and shoots Feldary twice but is shot dead in return. Feldary survives. (Thanks to Brian)

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Cream of the Jest (1957) [Charles Gresham]: Shot in the chest by Paul Picerni in Paul's office, after reciting a blackmail message to him. (Claude had been tricked by James Gregory into delivering the message, thinking he was reciting James' script for an audition and not knowing that the threat was real.)
  • Rawhide: Incident of Judgment Day (1963) [Alexander Longford]: In the role of an ex-judge and a chronic alcoholic Claude is mortally wounded with a pistol shot by John Dehner when Claude finds Clint Eastwood not guilty at the end of a kangaroo court John and three other Confederate veterans were giving Clint for treason. Claude dies moments later while talking to Clint.

Notable Connections:Edit

  • Ex-Mr. Frances Propper
  • Ex-Mr. Agi Jambor
  • Mr. Rosemary McGroarty Clark (widowed)

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