Clark Gable in Dance, Fools, Dance

Clark Gable (1901 - 1960)

Film DeathsEdit

  • A Free Soul (1931) [Ace Wilfong]: Shot in the chest by Leslie Howard in Clark's office.
  • Night Nurse (1931) [Nick the Chauffeur]: Shot to death (off-screen) by his cohorts; his death is mentioned in a conversation between a policeman and the ambulance driver. (Thanks to Kris)
  • The White Sister (1933) [Giovanni Severi]: Shot by German soldiers; he dies in Helen Hayes' arms shortly afterwards.
  • Manhattan Melodrama (1934) [Edward J. 'Blackie' Gallagher]: Executed (off-screen) in the electric chair. (Thanks to Tracey)
  • Parnell (1937) [Charles Stewart Parnell]: Dies of an unspecified illness, with his fiancée (Myrna Loy) by his bedside. (This movie is noted for its historical inaccuracy; although Parnell did die of natural causes at a young age, he had already been married for a year at the time of his death.) (I haven't seen this, but have read the summary in the book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time.)
  • Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) [Commander 'Rich' Richardson]: Dies following a concussion after his submarine is hit by depth charges. (Thanks to Francisco)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Mr. Carole Lombard (widowed).
  • Father of Judy Lewis.
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