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Clarence Williams III in 'Sugar Hill'

Clarence Williams III in 'Cold Case: Officer Down'

Clarence Williams III (1939 - )

Film Deaths

  • Purple Rain (1984) [Frances L]: Shoots himself (off screen) in the head after Prince arrives at his house; the scene cuts after we hear a gun shot to Clarence being taken away by an ambulance with a large wound being covered on his head (It's not certain as to whether Clarence dies, but a later scene where Prince dedicates a song to Clarence does imply that he might be dead).
  • 52 Pick-Up (1986) [Bobby Shy]: Shot to death by John Glover while Clarence is running up the staircase.
  • Sugar Hill (1994) [A.R. Skuggs]: Dies of a heroin overdose while his son (Michael Wright) looks on in impassively. His body is shown again later on when his other son (Wesley Snipes) discovers him.
  • Life (1999) [Winston Hancock]: Fatally beaten (off-screen) by Ned Vaughn, after Clarence slashes Ned's face; he dies after collapsing in front of Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy (who are framed for Clarence's murder).
  • Reindeer Games (2000) [Merlin]: Burned to death after being squirted by a liquid gun and being lit on fire by Ben Affleck (he then falls through a window onto a parked car windscreen, his body is shown at the beginning of the film that then leads up to his death).

TV Deaths

  • Against the Wall (1994) [Chaka]: Shot to death by SWAT officers during the Attica prison riot.

Notable Connections

  • Ex-Mr. Gloria Foster
  • Grandson of Clarence Williams (musician)