Claire Bronson in The Hap Hapgood Story

Claire Bronson (19?? - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • The Hap Hapgood Story (2003) [Sightless Woman]: Killed (off-screen, method unspecified) by Scott Poythress; the movie ends with Scott grabbing her from behind, but the implication of her fate is clear. (This short film is included as a bonus feature in the US DVD of The Signal; part of the short is shown on a TV broadcast in the opening scene of The Signal, but Claire's death scene was not included in that footage.)
  • Join the Resistance: Fall in Love (2003) [Yuppie Woman]: Shot in the neck when Randy Cohlmia shoots at Alex Rambaud and a stray bullet hits her while she's sitting in her car. She dies shortly afterwards while trying to call Scott Poythress on her cell phone.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • The Walking Dead: TS-19 (2010) [Dr. Candace Jenner/Test-Subject 19]: Dies of the zombie infection (off-screen) sometime before the episode begins; we learn of her death when her husband Noah Emmerich informs the rest of the group. Shortly after reanimating as a zombie, she is shot in the head by Noah; this is shown in an x-ray video footage that Noah plays for the group.
  • The Walking Dead: JSS (2015) [Mom]: Eaten by zombies off-screen. Her body is later shown. 
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