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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)

Director: Lloyd Kaufman


A massive explosion opens a rift between parallel universes, causing the Toxic Avenger (David Mattey) to switch places with his evil counterpart the Noxious Offender.

Male Deaths:[]

(Note: The closing credits humorously list the characters not only by name but by cause of death; the parenthetical notes below are how they actually appeared in the credits.)

  • Jarred Alterman [Master-Bater (death by severe ass kicking)]
  • Andy Animal [Death by Pencil in Eye]
  • Jon Avner [Chief Newman (death by arm amputation)]
  • Chris Bagnall [Lucky Stud]
  • Michael H. Baker Jr. [Noxie Baby (death by mop in face)]
  • Mark Blacklock [English Dead Body]
  • Anthony Catanese [Mad Cowboy (death by severe ass kicking)]
  • Mitch Cohen [Lucifer, Dragging Redneck #1 (death by crazed lynch mob)]
  • Joe Cortese [Tromaville Nazi #3 (death by mop impalement)]
  • Erik Dage [Internet Contest Winner (death by pole in head)]
  • Kevin Eastman [Kevin Eastman (death by breast smoosh)]
  • Caleb Emerson [Rex Diaper (death by diaper & toxic foot crush)]
  • Joe Fleishaker [Lardass (death by methane explosion)/Chester]
  • Tom Fulp [Painter (death by eye gouge)]
  • Patrick Gallanue [Death by Throat Ripped Out]
  • James Gunn [Dr. Flem Hocking (death by car crash)]
  • Trent Haaga [Tex Diaper (death by disembowelment)]
  • Morgan Henderson [Tromaville Nazi #6 (death by involuntary testicle removal)]
  • Joe James [Tromaville Nazi #2 (death by face slashed by mop)]
  • Ron Jeremy [Mayor Goldberg (death by crucifix)]
  • Lloyd Kaufman [Man in PSA]
  • Will Keenan [Man Hit by Car]
  • Kevin Kern [Josh Levitsky (death by human sacrifice to Satan)]
  • Andrew Lerner [Death by Fist Through Skull] (deleted scene)
  • David Mattey [Noxious Offender]
  • Sean McGrath [Homosexual #2 (death by head crushed into Homosexual #1)/Josh Levitsky's Super-Hero Pal]
  • Brian McNulty [Tromaville Nazi #4 (death by head crushed)]
  • Tony Nigro [Tromaville Nazi #6 (death by editing)] (deleted scene)
  • Florian Schura [Tromaville Nazi #1 (death by neck ripped)]
  • Yaniv Sharon [Lex Diaper (death by head shoved through ass)]
  • Dan Snow [Sgt. Kazinski (death by X-ray head crush)]
  • Ken Squier [Death by Tongue Ripped Out]
  • Nick Stevens [Homosexual #1 (death by head crushed into Homosexual #2)]
  • Olivier Tendon [Dolphin Man (death by severe ass kicking)/Kabukiman's Drinking Buddy]
  • R.J. Wafer [Tromaville Nazi #7 (death by head punched off)]
  • Bill Weeden [Abortion Doctor (death by speculum)]

Female Deaths:[]