Cinzia de Ponti (1960 -) 

Cinzia de Ponti dead in The New York Ripper

a.k.a. Cinthia Stewart

Miss Italy of 1979

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Manhattan Baby (Evil Eye; Eye of the Evil Dead; The Possessed) (1982) [Jamie Lee]: Killed (off-screen) and turned into a zombie after being pulled into another dimension; we see her decomposing hand bursting through a door and she eventually drops dead again. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The New York Ripper (Lo Squartatore di New York) (1982) [Rosie, Ferry Victim]: Stabbed repeatedly (including slitting her throat and stabbing in her right breast near the nipple) by Andrea Occhipinti in a car on the Staten Island ferry. Her body is shown in the morgue afterwards when the coroner examines her. (Nudity alert: Right breast popped out)
  • Spy Connection (Nottruno) (1983) [Carol Dexter]: Poisoned when an assassin jabs her in the back with a poison-tipped umbrella in the street; she dies shortly afterwards as she walks away. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Devil Fish (Shark rosso nell'oceano; Monster Shark; Devouring Waves; Red Ocean) (1984) [Florinda]: Electrocuted when a hitman drops a hairdryer into her bathtub (after strangling her into unconsciousness). (it's not known if she was already dead before they electrocution or knocked out). (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Johan)
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