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Ciaran Hinds in Rome: Kalends of February

Ciaran Hinds (1953 - )

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Cold Lazarus (1996) [Fyodor Glazunov]: Killed in an explosion (along with several guards) when he shoots at Albert Finney's cryogenically frozen head, igniting the liquid hydrogen. (Thanks to ND).
  • Jason and the Argonauts (2000 TV) [King Aeson]: Stabbed in the stomach with a hidden knife by his brother (Dennis Hopper) as they embrace. (Thanks to Stephen) (Mythologically inaccurate: Aeson does die in mythology, but is quickly resurrected by Medea; this is all part of a magic trick)
  • Rome: Kalends of February (2005) [Julius Caesar]: Stabbed repeatedly in the torso by the Senators in the Senate forum (ending with Tobias Menzies). (His body is shown again throughout the following episode, Passover.) (Thanks to Juan, Stephen, Sheena, Vlabor, and Milou)
  • Game of Thrones: Wars to Come (2015) [Mance Raydar]: Burned at the stake by Carice van Houten due to refusing to motivate the wildings to fight for Stephen Dillane. He is shot with an arrow by Kit Harington so he doesn't suffer as he burns.
  • Shetland: S3,E2 (2015) [Michael Maguire]: Shot twice on a clifftop and falls into the inlet below by hitman Bryan Larkin, hired by Ace Bhatti. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Terror: The Ladder (2018) [Sir John Franklin]: Drowns (off-screen) after having his right leg bitten off by the Tuunbaq who then shoves him down a hole in the ice as punishment for the improper burial of Apayata Kotierk. (In real life, Franklin most likely died from sickness or malnutrition).