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Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon

Chuck Norris' death in Return of the Dragon

Chuck Norris (1940 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • Return of the Dragon (Meng long guojiang; Fury of the Dragon; Revenge of the Dragon; Way of the Dragon) (1972) [Colt]: Neck snapped by Bruce Lee at the end of their fight in the Colosseum.
  • Missing in Action (1984) [Colonel James Braddock]: Commits suicide by setting off his own grenades in Chuck's dream sequence. Chuck survives the movie in reality.
  • The Hitman (1991) [Cliff Garret]: Shot in the chest by Michael Parks in the beginning of the movie. Chuck flatlines while on the operating table and is clinically dead for a period of time before getting revived.
  • Forest Warrior (Video, 1996) [Jebediah McKenna]: Dies prior to the film taking place.

TV Deaths:[]

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