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Christopher Atkins in Shakma

Christopher Atkins (1961 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Blue Lagoon (1980) [Richard]: Possibly dies (along with Brooke Shields) after eating supposedly poisonous berries while adrift in a raft with their infant son; when they are found by a ship, a sailor reports that they are "sleeping," but it's ambiguous whether he's telling the truth or speaking euphemistically. (Although the ending leaves their fates ambiguous and even suggests their survival, the 1991 sequel Return to the Blue Lagoon states that they did in fact die at this point, though their son survived.) (Thanks to Mac and Suzy)
  • A Night in Heaven (1983) [Rick Monroe]: Presumably drowns after his boat has been shot by Robert Logan.
  • Shakma (1990) [Sam] Possibly dies due to blood loss at the end of the film after he collapses on the floor.  He's not moving in the last shot, so it's possible he died.  
  • Die Watching (1993) [Michael Terrence]: Commits suicide by jumping off a rooftop to avoid being arrested by Tim Thomerson and Carlos Palomino.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Secret Weapons (1985; TV movie) [Allen Collier]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by hanging himself in his jail cell after being arrested by the KGB; we learn of his death afterwards when Linda Hamilton reads a newspaper article about it.
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