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Christi Black's death in Mars Attacks!

Christi Black (19?? - )

Professional backup singer.

Film DeathsEdit

  • Mars Attacks! (1996) [Tom Jones Backup Singer]: Disintegrated (off-screen) by a Martian (along with Darelle Porter Holden and Sharon Hendrix) when three Martians crash Tom Jones' concert. Her skeleton (along with Darelle and Sharon's) is briefly spotted slumped over the stereo speaker she was standing in front of (Some evidence came to light suggesting that Christi may have actually been one of the three Martians in disguise and did not actually die in the concert scene. If so, then she either dies from having her helmet punched by Jim Brown or has her head explode from listening to Slim Whitman's yodeling, both of which occurring after she shed her human disguise.)

Television Deaths Edit

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