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Chris Sandiford (1987 -)

Film Deaths[]

None listed.

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan [Bradley Smith]: Chris can die in a number of ways, but he can also survive the game: (1). Stabbed in the stomach by a hallucinating Ayisha Issa. (2). Drowned in a flooding room while trapped underneath a grate. (3). Throat slit by a hallucinating Shawn Ashmore and falls through a wall or from the top of a ship funnel into the funnel to his death. (4). Slipped from ladder and fell to his death. (5). Shot in the head point-blank by Chimwemwe Miller. (6). Body split in half by falling cargo door during a struggle with Kwasi Songui. (7). Head smashed in with sledgehammer by Kwasi. (8). Machine gunned by military along with whoever survived to keep the ship's secrets contained. (9). Presumably dies on board a ship with hallucinogenic gas (we last see him getting attacked by a hallucination). (10). Presumably dies from sunstroke while onboard Ayisha's inactive boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (we last see him with badly sunburnt skin as he looks on motionlessly).