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Chris Penn in True Romance

Chris Penn (1965 - 2006)

Film Deaths[]

  • Pale Rider (1985) [Josh LaHood]: Although he survives the original ending, there is an alternative cut where he is killed by Clint Eastwood or one of the townspeople.
  • At Close Range (1986) [Tommy Whitewood]: Shot to death by his father (Christopher Walken) for betraying him; we only see the gun firing.
  • Mobsters (1991) [Tommy Reina]: Shot in the head by Richard Grieco.
  • Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Nice Guy Eddie Cabot]: Shot in the chest, along with his father (Lawrence Tierney), by Harvey Keitel at the end of a stand-off in the warehouse. (In the filming, Chris' squib went off before Harvey could swing his gun around, leading to a long-running "Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?" debate among film buffs.)
  • Best Of The Best 2 (1993) [Travis Brickley]: Neck snapped at the end of a fight with Ralf Moeller in the arena.
  • True Romance (1993) [Nicky Dimes]: Shot in the side (hitting outside his bulletproof vest) by Patricia Arquette after the shoot-out between the cops, gangsters, and bodyguards in Saul Rubinek's room.
  • The Music of Chance (1993) [Floyd]: Killed in a car wreck (along with M. Emmet Walsh) when Mandy Patinkin intentionally crashes their truck.
  • Fist of the North Star (1995) [Jackal]: Dies after his helmet is removed, causing his head to burst.
  • The Funeral (1996) [Chez]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth after shooting his brother (Christopher Walken).
  • Murder by Numbers (2002) [Ray Feathers]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Ryan Gosling while Chris is lying on his couch; we see Ryan put the gun to Chris' head, then hear the shot over a close-up of Ryan (with Ryan staging the scene to look like suicide, whilst setting Chris' up for a murder Michael Pitt committed).
  • Redemption (2003) [Tony Leggio]: Shot in the chest by rival gangsters while sitting at his desk in his office.
  • Shelter Island (2003) [Sheriff Deluca]: Shot in the chest by Patsy Kensit.

Television Deaths[]

  • Magnum, P.I.: Heal Thyself (1982) [Wounded Soldier]: Dies in the field hospital of stomach wounds as Marcia Strassman attends to him during an attack on the camp. (Thanks to Brian)

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) [Officer Eddie Pulaski]: Skull crushed when Young Maylay stomps on his head, in addition to being shot at the end of a car chase.


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