Chris Latta's animated death in The Transformers: The Movie

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Chris Latta

Chris Latta (1949 - 1994)

aka Christopher Collins

Prolific voice actor (most notably Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe and Starscream in Transformers)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Transformers: The Movie (1986; animated) [Starscream]: Killed with a laser blast by Galvatron (Leonard Nimoy) in Galvatron's cannon form, causing his body to crumble into dust (the character later appears as a ghost in the TV series episodes Starscream's Ghost and Ghost in the Machine). Although not voiced in the movie, "Wheeljack", also voiced by Chris in the TV series, is shown to have been killed during the Battle of Autobot City alongside "Windcharger" (John Stephenson).
  • A Stranger Among Us (1992) [Christopher Baldessari]: Shot to death by Melanie Griffith.

TV DeathsEdit

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