Chris Haywood in Razorback

Chris Haywood (1948 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Attack Force Z (1981) [Able Seaman A.D. 'Sparrer' Bird] Shot in the back by Japanese soldiers. 
  • Man of Flowers (1983) [David]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe he was poisoned by Norman Kaye, who then encases his body in bronze as a statue.
  • Razorback (1984) [Benny Baker]: Falls to his death down a mineshaft when Gregory Harrison releases a rope that Chris was hanging onto.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Farscape: That Old Black Magic (1999) [Maldis/Haloth/Igg]: Playing an incorporeal sorcerer and his assorted alter-egos, Chris is finally rendered tangible through Virginia Hey's supernatural powers, allowing Ben Browder to destroy him with a single punch to the face - causing Chris to instantly disintegrate. However, Virginia warns that he is not truly dead, and might be able to reintegrate himself one day.
  • Farscape: Picture If You Will (2000) [Maldis/Kyvan]: Playing both Maldis and his symbiotic henchwoman, "Kyvan" is shot dead by Claudia Black, her body shattering like glass. Weakened by her death, Maldis is destroyed a second time when Virginia Hey and Ben Browder open fire on his giant form with a series of energy weapons from the surrounding area, causing his body to shatter into inert glass. Once again, Virginia doubts that Chris is gone for good, and may return again.
  • Wolf Creek: Journey (2017) [Tom]: Shot in the head by John Jarratt.
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