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Chloë Sevigny Severed Head

Chloë Sevigny in The Snowman

Chloë Sevigny (1974 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Palmetto (1998) [Odette]: Murdered off-screen (exact method unclear) by Michael Rapaport. Her body is shown afterwards when Woody Harrelson discovers her in the motel room, then again later on when Woody and Michael carry her out of the car trunk to dispose of the body by dumping her into a bathtub of acid.
  • The Brown Bunny (2003) [Daisy]: Chokes to death on her own vomit off-screen when she takes an overdose of drugs after being raped, some time before the story begins; her body is shown being carried out on a stretcher in a flashback at the end of the movie, when it's revealed that her appearance in the entire movie has only been in Vincent Gallo's imagination.
  • Dogville (2003) [Liz Henson]: Machine-gunned (along with everybody else in the town) by James Caan's thugs. (The massacre scene was so chaotic, I couldn't tell if Chloe's death was actually shown, but it's established that everyone in town is killed.)
  • Party Monster (2003) [Gitsie]: Dies (off-screen) of a drug overdose; we learn of her death afterwards when Seth Green informs Macaulay Culkin over the phone.
  • The Snowman (2017) [Sylvia Ottersen/Ane Pedersen]: Playing a dual role as twins, "Sylvia" is decapitated with wire from a motor-powered garrote by Jonas Karlsson, after he injects her in the neck with poison. Her body is shown when Michael Fassbender finds her without the head, before her severed head is discovered when Michael sees it atop a snowman. ("Ane" survives the film.) (An alternative scene in which "Sylvia" is decapitated by Jonas with his garrote as she defends herself with a hatchet after severing her foot in a mantrap snare following a lengthy chase is seen in some trailers, and this version was faithful to the book.)
  • Lizzie (2018) [Lizzie Borden]: Dies (off-screen) of pneumonia years after the events of the movie. Her death is mentioned in the ending title cards.
  • The Dead Don't Die (2019) [Mindy Morrison]: Devoured alive by zombies after she attempts to flee the vehicle out of a mental breakdown upon seeing her zombified grandma, while Adam Driver and Bill Murray look on; she later comes back to life as a zombie, and is decapitated with a machete by Adam.

Television Deaths[]