Chloe Grace Moretz before her off-screen death in The Eye

Chloë Grace Moretz (1997 - ) 

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Eye (2008) [Alicia Millstone]: Dies  off-screen of a brain cancer; she appears as a ghost afterwards, saying goodbye to Jessica Alba in the hospital before being led away by a shadowy figure.
  • Carrie (2013) [Carrie White]: Crushed underneath the wreckage of her house when Chloë uses her telekinetic powers to make it rain stones from the sky, which then proceed to cave in the house, with her inside it. Chloë's grave is later visited by Gabriella Wilde; the vandalized tombstone cracks, and Chloë's screams can be heard, hinting that she's alive.

Television Deaths:Edit

Video Game Deaths:Edit

  • Dishonored (2012) [Emily Kaldwin]: Falls to her death when John Slattery grabs her and jumps from the top of the lighthouse; this only happens at the end of the High Chaos path, and only if the player fails to reach her in time. (In other eventualities, Chloe survives and the sequel confirmed that canonically, Chloe is saved.)


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