Chico Roland in 'Shadow Hunters'

Chico Roland (1929 - 2015)

Film Deaths

  • Black Sun (Kuroi taiyo) (1964) [Gil]: After being shot by the police, he gets tied to a large balloon which flies into the air as he screams in pain.
  • Genocide (Konchu daisenso) (1968) [Charlie]: Killed by the insects.
  • Shadow Hunters (Kage Kari) (1972) [Assassin]: Stabbed with a sword by Yûjirô Ishihara .
  • The Street Fighter (Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken) (1974) [Bondo]: Bleeds to death after having his testicles removed by Sonny Chiba.
  • Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974) [Nigerian Ambassador]:Dies in the oval office of the virus.

TV Deaths

  • Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972 series) [Pagora]:Destroyed by Rainbow


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