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Cheyenne Jackson in American Horror Story Hotel: She Wants Revenge

Cheyenne Jackson (1975 - )

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Mockingbird Lane (2012; TV special) [Steve]: Falls to his death down a flight of stairs after being scared by Eddie Izzard in his monster form; his body is seen later on when Izzard transplants Cheyenne's heart into Jerry O'Connell's chest and drinks his blood.
  • American Horror Story: Cult: Winter of Our Discontent (2017) [Dr. Vincent Anderson]: Stabbed in the neck by his brother (Evan Peters) for attempting to betray his loyalty as his cult looks on shortly after Cheyenne's pinky finger is severed during a pinky swear. He appears as a zombified hallucination to Evan in the episode Charles (Manson) in Charge where he is stabbed through the back by a hallucination of Charles Manson (also played by Evan)