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Chevy Chase in Chuck: Chuck vs the Ring

Chevy Chase (1943 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Oh Heavenly Dog! (1980) [Browning]: Stabbed in the back by Omar Sharif just after Chevy discovers Marguerite Corriveau's body. He then appears as a spirit in the afterlife, and is sent back to Earth in the body of a dog (Benji) for the rest of the movie.
  • Dirty Work (1998) [Dr. Farthing]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by bookies. His death is mentioned in Norm MacDonald's narration. (Played for comic effect.)

Television Deaths[]

  • Saturday Night Live (Oct. 25, 1975)[Square Dancer]: Shot, along with the other dancers, after the square-dance caller (Dan Aykroyd) instructs them to shoot each other; Chevy dies after shooting Dan in turn.
  • Saturday Night Live (Jan. 10, 1976) [Cellist]: Appears as a corpse, propped up on stage as part of the "Dead String Quartet." After falling over, he comes back to life to announce "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
  • Saturday Night Live (Jan. 31, 1976) [Michael]: Accidentally shoots himself in the chest when he sets his rifle on the floor and it goes off, while he's delivering a message on the dangers of mixing firearms and alcohol.
  • Saturday Night Live (Feb. 14, 1976) [Jimmy]: Machine-gunned (off-camera) by gangsters in a garage; we only hear the shots from inside the restaurant. Chevy then staggers in and falls down the stairs; he comes back to life to announce "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
  • Saturday Night Live (Feb. 21, 1976) [Angel]: Machine-gunned, along with Tom Schiller and Alan Zweibel, by Dan Aykroyd's men during a raid on Desi Arnaz' hideout.
  • Saturday Night Live (Apr. 17, 1976) [Cellist]: Appears as a corpse, propped up on stage as part of the "Dead String Quartet." (Unlike the earlier sketch, Chevy does not come back to life; after he falls, the scene cuts to a film clip of Gerald Ford making the "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night" announcement.)
  • Saturday Night Live (Mar. 11, 1978) [Chevy Chase]: In a sketch set in the future, he dies (off-screen) several years before the sketch begins; his death is mentioned when John Belushi reminisces about his dead cast mates while visiting the Not Ready For Prime Time Cemetery.
  • Chuck: Chuck vs. the Ring (2009) [Ted Roark]: Shot to death in his cell by Tug Coker, a shadow operative, after being captured by the CIA.
  • Community: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (2011) [Pierce Hawthorne]: Chevy is poisoned (along with Joel McHale) by Gillian Jacobs in one segment of the anthology story. (Chevy survives the episode in reality.)
  • Community: Remedial Chaos Theory (2011) [Pierce Hawthorne]: In one of the six divergent timelines created, where Donald Glover is sent to get the group pizza, Chevy is accidentally shot in the leg when Alison Brie's gun discharges during the fire that breaks out. It is revealed by Danny Pudi during the ending credits that, in this timeline, Chevy dies (off-screen) of his injuries. (Chevy survives the episode in reality.)
  • Community: Basic Intergluteal Numismatics (2014) [Pierce Hawthorne]: Dies (off screen) from dehydration after masturbating multiple times in order to fill several liquid nitrogen canisters; his status as dead is revealed when Yvette Nicole Brown tells Joel McHale and Alison Brie, but the actual circumstances of his deaths aren't revealed until Walton Goggins reveals it to the study group in the next episode Cooperative Polygraphy. (Chevy did not actually appear in the episode, having left the show the previous season.)

Web Vido Deaths[]

  • Presidential Reunion (2010) [Gerald Ford]: Appears as the ghost of Gerald Ford.


Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Jacqueline Carlin