Chester Morris in Aerial Gunner

Chester Morris (1901 - 1970)

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Alibi (1929) [Chick Williams]: Falls to his death from a rooftop when he attempts to jump from one building to the next while fleeing from the police.
  • Wagons Westward (1940) [David Cook/Tom Cook]: Playing a dual role as twin brothers, "Tom" is shot to death by George ‘Gabby’ Hayes just as "Tom" is about to shoot "David". ("David" survives the movie.)
  • Aerial Gunner (1943) [Sergeant 'Foxy' Pattis]: Fatally injured in an explosion during a battle with the Japanese troops on a beach.
  • Gambler's Choice (1944) [Ross Hadley]: Shot in a shoot-out with Sheldon Leonard; he dies shortly afterwards with Russell Hayden and Nancy Kelly by his side.
  • The She-Creature (1956) [Dr. Carlo Lombardi]: Fatally injured when the monster hits him; he dies after releasing Marla English from her hypnotic trance.

Television Death:Edit

Noteworthy Connections Edit

  • Son of William Morris
  • Brother of Adrian Morris and Gordon Morris (screenwriter)


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