Charlie Spradling in Angel of Destruction

Charlie Spradling (1968 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Twice Dead (1988) [Tina]: Electrocuted when a ghost causes a short-circuit in the electric blanket while she's making love with her boyfriend. (Nudity alert: Topless)
    Charlie Spradling * Angel Of Destruction

    Charlie Spradling * Angel Of Destruction

  • Mirror, Mirror (1990) [Charleen Kane]: Scalded to death in shower room when a demonic force causes the steam pipes to break.  (Nudity alert: Topless & rear)
  • Puppet Master II (1990) [Wanda]: Slashed to death by the "Blade" puppet in her bedroom; we mostly just see close-ups of her screaming face.
  • Convict 762 (1997) [Helena]: Dies from exposure to the planet's toxic atmosphere; Frank Zagarino carries her unconscious body back to the ship, but she's dead by the time they get inside the airlock.
  • Johnny Skidmarks (1998) [Lorraine]: Killed in a car crash (off-screen) that had been engineered by John Lithgow; her body is shown afterwards when Peter Gallagher arrives to photograph the accident scene.

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