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[[Category:Death scenes by natural disaster]]
[[Category:Death scenes by natural disaster]]
[[Category:Died during production]]
[[Category:Died during production]]
[[Category:Death scenes by baseball bat]]
[[Category:Actors who died in Tony Scott Movies]]

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Charles Hallahan with Richard Dysart's arms in The Thing

Charles Hallahan (1943 - 1997)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Thing (1982) [Norris]: Killed (off-screen) and assimilated by the alien, assuming his appearance. His death is revealed when the alien (in Charles' form) changes after Richard Dysart tries to revive him from a heart attack. For good measure, his body (and his escaping head) is incinerated with a flamethrower by Kurt Russell .
  • True Believer (1989) [Vincent Dennehy]: While Charles is still alive when he's last seen talking to James Woods, it's clear that he's in the final stages of terminal cancer (or some other illness) and will very soon be dead, which is why he was so willing to volunteer incriminating information.
  • The Fan (1996) [Coop] Head bashed in with a baseball bat by Robert De Niro.
  • Dante's Peak (1997) [Paul Dreyfus]: Drowns in the river after his truck gets caught in the bridge as it collapses while his team looks on. (Wilhelm scream is heard as he falls backwards)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Wild Palms (1993) [Gavin Whitehope]: Killed by Ben Savage.
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