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[[Category:Death scenes by murder]]
[[Category:Death scenes by murder]]
[[Category:Death scenes by drowning]]
[[Category:Death scenes by drowning]]
[[Category:Heart attack victims]]

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Charles Hallahan with Richard Dysart's arms in 'The Thing.'

Charles Hallahan (1943 - 1997)

Film Deaths

  • The Thing (1982) [Norris]: Killed (off-screen) and assimilated by the alien, assuming his appearance. His death is revealed when the alien (in Charles' form) changes after Richard Dysart tries to revive him from a heart attack.
  • The Fan (1996) [Coop] Head bashed in with a baseball bat by Robert De Niro.
  • Dante's Peak (1997) [Paul Dreyfus]: Drowns in the river after his truck gets caught in the bridge as it collapses while his team looks on. (Wilhelm scream is heard as he falls backwards)
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