Charles Haid in Nightbreed

Charles Haid (1943 - )

He attended the Woodstock music festival in 1969.

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Cop (1988) [Delbert 'Whitey' Haines]: Shot to death by James Woods after Charles tries to ambush James. 
  • Nightbreed (1990) [Captain Eigerman]: Neck crushed by Malcolm Smith after Charles asks to join him in killing the Nightbreed. (This scene was only included in the 2014 directors cut of the film.)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Hill Street Blues: Hill Street Station Pilot (1981) [Officer Andy Renko]: Shot in the line of duty along with Michael Warren. Bruce Weitz discovers the bodies of Hill and Renko in the night, they're both in the intensive care. (Note: It was intended to be a death scene, but it was rewritten so that his and Warren's characters survive the rest of the series after their deaths were poorly received by test audiences.)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Cousin of Merv Griffin

Ex-Mr. Penelope Windust

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