Charles Denner (with Jeanne Moreau) in The Bride Wore Black


Charles Denner dead in The Bride Wore Black

Charles Denner (1926 - 1995)

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Bride Wore Black (La mariée était en noir) (1968) [Fergus]: Shot in the back with an arrow (off-screen) by Jeanne Moreau in his studio; his body is shown afterwards lying on the floor as she starts to remove the evidence of her presence.
  • Z (1969) [Manuel]: Smashed out of a window (off-screen). In the Epilogue Jacques Perrin speaks about: After an interrogation Manuel has jumped out off a window (official version of the police).
  • Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (Une belle fille comme moi; A Gorgeous Girl Like Me) (1973) [Arthur]:Bernadette Lafont suggest him an appointment to a common suicide jump from a Tower. He jumps at first, she refuses and stays alive.
  • And Now My Love (Toute une vie) (1974) [Sarah's Grandfather/David Goldman (Sarah's Father)]: Playing a dual role as father and son in the film's different time periods, "Sarah's Grandfather" is shot to death in combat with the German troops in World War I. "David" dies of a heart attack.
  • The Man Who Loved Women (L'homme qui amait les femmes) (1977) [Bertrand Morane]: Accidentally falls out of his hospital bed (disconnecting his IV drip) when he attempts to ogle the nurses, after being hit by a car and critically injured. The film starts with his funeral, and his life is depicted in flashback leading up to his death.

TV Deaths Edit

None known

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