Charles Aitken (1971)
Charles Aitken

Charles Aitken in Happy Death Day

Film Death Edit

  • Happy Death Day (2017) [Dr. Gregory Butler]: In the eighth time loop he is stabbed in the back in the hospital by Ruby Modine while Jessica Rothe looks on in horror (his death is undone when Jessica enters the ninth loop).
  • Happy Death Day 2U (2019) [Dr. Gregory Butler]: In the seventh time loop he is killed in an explosion along with Jessica Rothe when she shoots the hospital gas propanes after he tries to disarm her of the gun. In the final time loop he is revealed to be the alternate universe's primary killer along with his wife (Laura Clifton), he is tricked by Jessica who turns on an MRI machine, which as a strong magnetic pull, causing Charles to become pinned to the machine. She then lets go of a screwdriver she is holding, which flies toward the machine and stabs Charles in the chest.


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