Cesar Romero in Murder, She Wrote: Paint Me a Murder

Cesar Romero (1907 - 1994)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Rendezvous (1935) [Colonel Nieterstein]: Commits suicide after being arrested for espionage.
  • Frontier Marshal (1939) [Doc Holliday]: Shot by Joe Sawyer as Cesar is walking out of a saloon. (This is historically inaccurate because Doc Holliday actually died from tuberculosis on November 8th, 1887).
  • Madigan's Millions (Un dollaro per 7 vigliacchi) (1968) [Mike Madigan]: Shot by mafia thugs.
  • Latitude Zero (1969) [Dr. Malic/Lt. Hastings]: Crushed to death when the Black Moth/Griffon attacks him and causes him to fire his laser at the mountain, causing a rockslide. This story turns out to be Richard Jaeckel's dream/imagination fantasy and Cesar turns up in reality as a Lieutenant on board the ship.

Television Deaths:Edit


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