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Catherine Walker in Dark Touch

Catherine Walker (1975 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Dark Touch (2013) [Maud]: Stabbed in the chest and face by the protruding screws of a cabinet door, after Missy Keating's telekinetic powers tear the door loose and propel it at Catherine. Her body is shown again afterwards as the police investigate the next morning.
  • A Dark Song (2016) [Sophia Howard]: Drowned by Steve Oram in a bathtub as part of a cleansing ritual; he subsequently revives her with CPR.
  • Napoleon (2023) [Marie Antoinette]: Decapitated via the guillotine at the start of the film. Her severed head is later shown to the public.

Television Deaths[]

  • Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (2013) [Mairead McKenna]: Shot in her lower chest (with exit wound through her back) by Zubin Varla when Catherine is in a Mexican stand-off with Robson Green.