Catherine McCormack-Braveheart1

Catherine McCormack's death in Braveheart

Catherine McCormack (1972 - )

aka. Catherine Jane McCormack

Film DeathsEdit

  • Braveheart (1995) [Murron]: Throat slit with a long knife by Malcolm Tierney while she's tied to a stake. Her body is shown again later on (completely wrapped in a gauze-like sheet) during her funeral (she later appears as a ghost to Mel Gibson, presumably a figment of his imagination).
  • 28 Weeks Later [Alice Harris]: Eyes gouged out by Robert Carlyle after he becomes infected with the rage virus by kissing her while she's strapped to an examination table in the medical facility. Her body is shown again later on still strapped to the table as the room is engulfed in flames. (Thanks to Rosemary)

TV DeathsEdit


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