Cate Blanchett (1969 - )

Cate Blanchett-Veronica Guerin

Cate Blanchett's death in Veronica Guerin

Film DeathsEdit

  • Paradise Road (1997) [Susan McCarthy]: Killed by beheading as corporal punishment by a Japanese officer (Anon).
  • The Man Who Cries (2000) [Lola]: Killed in an explosion when a German plane drops a bomb on the ship, while she's swimming in the ship's pool. (Thanks to Erivelton)
  • The Shipping News (2001) [Petal Bear]: Killed in a car accident when her car goes through a guardrail and into the water; her body is shown afterwards when the car is pulled out of the water (then again when Kevin Spacey has a nightmare of her coming back to life). She later appears as a ghost to Kevin Spacey (presumably a hallucination he is having). (Thanks to Shelley)
  • Heaven (2002) [Philippa]: The final scene shows Cate and Giovanni Ribisi ascending straight up in a helicopter until they disappear from sight; although the scene appears symbolic, if interpreted literally, they both presumably die in the inevitable crash shortly after the movie ends. (Thanks to Diahann)
  • Hanna (2011) [Marissa]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Saoirse Ronan, after Saoirse first shoots her in the chest with an arrow; the movie ends just as Saoirse fires. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017) [Hela]: Killed when "Surtur" (voiced by Clancy Brown) uses his fire powers to defeat her in battle, as Chris Hemsworth watches on. (Mythological inaccurate: in neither the Prose or Poetic Edda, which Norse mythology comes from, Hel does not die and survives Ragnarok.) 

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