Cassidy Erin Gifford (1993 -)


Cassidy Erin Gifford in The Gallows

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Gallows (2015) [Cassidy Spilker]: Violently yanked with a noose by Jesse Cross in boys' locker room exit, head smashed against bolt exit doors [filmed in such a way that it is hard to what is happening, brief flash of blood upon door head slam and violent struggle with an invisible Cross pulling her away]. Her body is later shown when Reese Mishler and Pfeifer Brown discover her and Ryan Shoos' corpses suspended by ropes in the Beatrice High Auditorium Boardwalk, which serves as Cross' lair.
  • Ten: Murder Island (2017) [Minnie]: Shot through the chest with a crossbow.

Television Deaths Edit

  • Sorority Nightmare (2016) (Twisted Sisters, Dark Pledge) [Daisy]: Died after drinking a poisoned drink given to her by Katie Sarife. Her dead body is found by Sierra McCormick, Sarife, and her other sorority sisters the morning after.

Notable Connections Edit

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