Carrie Ng-Rock N-Roll Cop 1994

Carrie Ng shot in Rock N-Roll Cop

Carrie Ng (1963 - )

aka. Ka-Lai Ng

Film DeathsEdit

  • Rock N'Roll Cop (Sang gong yat ho tung kup faan) (1994) [Hou-yee]: Shot by her lover (Rongguang Yu) as he put the barrel of the gun on her left breast and squeezed the trigger. She died later due to blood loss as her old lover's (Hsing-Kuo Wu)
    Point-Blank Bullet hit in Breast

    Point-Blank Bullet hit in Breast

    Carrie Ng's death scene in 'Rock N'Roll Cop (1994)'

    was taking her to hospital.
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