Carlotta Segoni (1984 -)

Film Deaths Edit

Carlotta Segoni e Silvio Zanoncelli in Il colpaccio
Carlotta Segoni dead in Il colpaccio
  • Il colpaccio (2011) [Leila]: Shot in the chest along with Silvio Zanoncelli da Giuditta Natali Elmi.
  • Dvd play (2011) [Carlotta]: killed by the killer (Raffaele Totaro) who drags her under the bed. We do not see how it is killed but that it ceases to diverge
  • Lui non ci sarà (2011) [Samantha]: He dies in a car accident due to a sleep caused by insomnia.
  • La discesa (2014) [Samantha]: Dies along with Andrea Selloni in a car accident caused by the tampering of the car by Raffaele Totaro.
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