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Carla Gugino (1971 - )

Carla Gugino in Sin City

a.k.a. Taryn Gugino

Film Deaths:[]

  • The One (2001) [T.K. Law/Massie Walsh]: Playing a dual role, Carla dies once as T.K., the wife of good Jet Li. She is shot in the back by the evil Jet Li by the upstairs window, while the good Jet watches helplessly from outside. Carla's evil character is presumably in custody. It should be noted that good Jet gets reunited with a T.K. from an alternate universe at the end of the movie.
  • The Singing Detective (2003) [Betty Dark/Hooker]: Playing a dual role, she dies twice: (1) "The Hooker" is shot in the back by Adrien Brody and Jon Polito while she's talking to Robert Downey Jr. in an alley; she dies in Robert's arms shortly afterwards. (This occurs in Robert's detective-story/hallucination sequences.) (2) "Betty Dark" commits suicide (off-screen) by drowning herself in the river; her body is shown afterwards being pulled out of the water. (This occurs in a flashback sequence in reality.) (See also Alison Steadman in the 1986 mini-series.)
  • Sin City (2005) [Lucille]: Machine-gunned in her chest by Ryan Rutledge in the woods, after she tries to persuade him not to kill Mickey Rourke. (Thanks to Gary, Alex, and Robert)
  • The Unborn (2009) [Janet Beldon]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by hanging herself, several years before the story begins; she only appears in flashback scenes.
  • Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) [Madeleine]: Dies from injuries sustained in an off-screen fight with Adam Nagaitis. She succumbs to her injuries while talking to Angela Bassett and Michelle Yeoh.

TV Deaths:[]

  • Wayward Pines: Enemy Lines (2016) [Kate Hewson]: Commits suicide by slitting her throat.
  • The Haunting of Hill House: Screaming Meemies (2018) [Olivia Crain]: Throws herself from the top of the library stairs in a suicidal attempt to wake herself up from what she believes to be a nightmare. (Her death is established in the first episode, but this is the episode that shows her death. She appears throughout the series both in flashbacks and as a ghost.)

Notable Connections[]

  • Niece of Caroll Merrill.
  • Cousin of Hillary Safire.